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Throughout 2020, there were approximately 4.18 million malicious IPs at any given time. As IP statuses change from malicious to benign and back, you need dynamic up-to-the-minute intelligence to protect against them.1

IP Threats

When looking at the top 50k most recurring IPs in 2020, 97.3% of IPs were convicted in 4 - 5 categories throughout the year, 45.8% of the top 50K were convicted during 2 or 3 different months and 25.8% of the top 50K were found doing something malicious in all 12 months.

1 Webroot Inc. "2021 Webroot Threat Report."

There’s a smarter way to protect your customers

Many IP services available today are static and outdated. With the Webroot BrightCloud IP Reputation Service, you can integrate a highly accurate, continuously updated IP intelligence feed to automatically block unwanted traffic for effective defense against inbound threats.

The service monitors and dynamically scores addresses across the entire IPv4 and in-use IPv6 space, and is able to detect, analyze and classify 60,000 new malicious IP addresses daily.



IP Reputation
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