Mobile Security Services

Keep users and networks safe from malicious apps, ensure that devices are malware-free, prevent users from visiting unwanted sites and help combat fraud.

BrightCloud Mobile App Reputation Service

Mobile devices are an attractive frontier for malware to target individuals and infiltrate networks through BYOD. The BrightCloud Mobile App Reputation Service helps vendors who provide mobile management and security address the vulnerabilities mobility creates by categorizing and scoring millions of new and updated apps.

This service continuously applies multi-stage analysis and advanced algorithms to applications from app stores and other online sources to ensure app safety and compliance. Webroot partners can leverage this intelligence to restrict access to apps based on individual policies and risk tolerance.

BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK

Smartphones and tablet users tend to engage in risky activities, such as using unsecured public Wi-Fi and accessing social media or other sites with risky content or links. The BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK can be integrated into mobile products and devices to address device vulnerabilities through enhanced modular security features available in this UI-less SDK.

The rich set of security features provided in this lightweight and efficient SDK includes antivirus, antimalware, device and application interrogation, secure web browsing and classification, and an overall score for administrators to assess the risk levels of devices on their network.

BrightCloud SecureWeb™ Browser SDK

To provide a secure online experience for devices, the SecureWeb Browser SDK can be integrated for Android® and iOS® phones. Using proprietary Webroot Web Classification and Web Reputation databases, mobile vendors integrating this SDK can keep users secure by blocking access to malicious sites, including phishing, and away from unwanted sites by filtering content based on 82 categories, such as gambling, pornography, and social networking sites.

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