Webroot® MSP Case Studies

When our partners succeed, we succeed. That’s part of the Webroot philosophy. Read our case studies and success stories to see how Webroot helps MSPs offer better protection and achieve greater profitability.

Sedona Technologies reduced help desk calls by ~40% after adding Webroot DNS Protection.

Augustine Consulting was able to reassign a full-time employee from infection cleanup.

Mytech Partners only spends 50 minutes a day managing security for nearly 8,000 endpoints.

Greystone Technology blocked 135,470 risky DNS lookups in the first 30 days of using DNS Protection.

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Revotech Networks

"“Between NinjaRMM and Webrootsecurity, even brand new techswe’ve hired can pick it up as they go.”

Case Study
IT Management Solutions

"Webroot and Blackpoint Cyber offera new layer of visibility that othervendors can’t offer."

Case Study
Helion Technologies

"There’s real ROI here. [...] After implementing Webroot, we saved a whole employee’s worth of time, or 50 hours a week."

Case Study
Nerds On Site

"Webroot has allowed Nerds on Site as an organization to move from using three or four different antivirus tools down to just one."

Case Study
Network Configurations

"The team is delighted with automated training. They were able to roll training out to clients with minimal intervention."

Case Study
Platte River Networks

"Because Webroot is light, easy and small, the installation time only takes a few minutes..."

Case Study

"In just five weeks of beta-testing theWebroot® Evasion Shield, we blocked 55malicious scripts on client machines..."

Case Study

"We’ve been very happy with Webroot over the last 5 years. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do."

Case Study
Digital Boardwalk

"Phishing simulations and training have been an incredible tool for us, helping us identify vulnerable users and lock down our clients’ security gaps."

Case Study
Ortus Managed IT & Cloud

"There’s no doubt that the Security Awareness Training has had a hugely beneficial effect. Clients are becoming more wary of suspicious emails and, as a result, are logging more support calls with us."

Case Study
Auction Anything

"Dominick Delio joined Auction Anything, an internet software company that provides fully hosted and branded online auction solutions, in the late 1990s in Orlando, Florida..."

Case Study
MDL Technology

“As a trusted advisor to my customers, I am thrilled to report that none of my Webroot MDR managed customers have experienced a breach."

Case Study

"Founded in 1994, InfoStream, Inc. provides a wide variety of business and consulting services. Its mission is to offer SMBs managed services with a predictable cost, so they can concentrate on their business goals."

Case Study

Integrated, MSP-friendly Cybersecurity

Learn how integrated cybersecurity solutions from Webroot work together to benefit your business and clients.

Webroot Integrated Cyber Security
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Partner with Webroot

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