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The Webroot Platform is an advanced cloud-based security architecture. Inputs are provided through millions of threat sensors deployed globally, at which time 3rd generation machine learning and behavioral analysis are automatically conducted in the cloud in real time. A contextual analysis engine is also used to correlate previously disparate data points, providing dynamic intelligence that is always up to date, highly accurate, contextual, and actionable.



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Datasheets and threat trends

2018 Webroot Threat Report

Insights, analysis, and information on how collective threat intelligence can protect organizations from sophisticated attacks..

Intelligence Services for Technology Partners

Protect your customers from a new breed of online threats with a new, three-dimensional approach that provides next generation threat intelligence.

Quarterly Threat Trends

News about threats can't wait. In our quarterly threat trends updates, we give a by-the-numbers account of Webroot's insights into the latest threat issues.


Customer quotes

Web Classification
Web Classification
Web Classification

Citrix chose to integrate the Webroot BrightCloud IP Reputation Service into the NetScaler Application Delivery Controller platform to offer our customers the ability to increase capacity on demand. The addition of the next-generation threat intelligence provided through Webroot adds yet another layer of defense against cyberattacks, enhancing both scalability and security.


Marissa Schmidt

Director of Product Management

There are no borders in cyber space and any group or individual criminal can easily reach anywhere in the world, and incidents have increased year by year in Japan. To counter these threats, MBSD is incorporating industry leading Webroot Threat Intelligence into its solution. With Webroot, we can enhance the value of MBSD protection and offer top level of security service to our customers in and outside Japan.


Toshio Kanki

President and CEO, Mitsui Bussan Security Direction

Webroot has the most comprehensive and effective Web classification service in the market. Integrating the Webroot BrightCloud Web Classification Service with our Web Isolation Platform enables us to give our customers comprehensive control, security, and visibility for their organization’s Web activity.



Poornima DeBolle 

Chief Product Officer, Menlo Security

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