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Protect Customers and Boost Cyber Resilience.

Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services are designed to integrate with our partners’ technology to give them a competitive edge and help them build stronger products for their customers. Integration is quick and easy through an intuitive API and SDK. Our service offerings include:

  • Web Classification & Web Reputation

  • IP Reputation

  • Real-Time Anti-Phishing

  • File Reputation

  • Streaming Malware Detection

  • Mobile Security SDK

If you’re a network, next-gen firewall, SIEM, or other security company, just fill out the form and we’ll get the conversation started!

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Predictive intelligence empowers protectors like you.

Learn more about advanced machine learning and how Webroot Brightcloud® Threat Intelligence Services enable faster, stronger, more secure solutions for your customers. 

Actionable. Contextual. Predictive.

Not all threat data is good threat data. The actionability of threat intelligence is based on the data’s scale, scope, timeliness, accuracy, prevalence, and context. These six dimensions of threat intelligence are critical for effective security.

HTTPS: Is it Making Us Less Secure?

Although HTTPS encryption once promised a variety of security benefits, this technology may actually be opening us up to new vulnerabilities. Get the 411 from Hal Lonas, Webroot CTO, on why HTTPS may be making us less secure.

Knowledge is Power.

Findings from the Webroot 2019 Annual Threat Report showcase that while tried-and-true attack methods are still going strong, new threats emerge every day, and new vectors are being tested by cybercriminals. The yearly report is derived from metrics captured and analyzed by the Webroot Platform, an advanced, cloud-based machine learning architecture.

Machine Learning in Action.

Machine learning is a complex process. See how the Webroot Platform applies this advanced technology and massive processing power to analyze and classify a never-before-seen URL in real time.

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