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2020’s Most (and Least) Cyber-Secure States

From sea to shining sea, Americans are way overconfident about their cybersecurity. In fact, most people don’t start taking precautions till after it’s too late.




See how your state stacks up.

We looked at each states’ online security know-how and habits and measured people’s ability to prevent attacks, as well as whether they could bounce back if an attack were successful. Read our blog post to get the full scoop »

Tap or hover over your state to learn about its cyber-risk score.

What are “bad cybersecurity habits”?

We could all be doing better, but here are some of the worst habits you can have. Not only do they make you more vulnerable to an attack in the first place, but they also make it harder for you to bounce back if you do get hacked.

  Not using antivirus on all your devices

  Not having a secure backup

  Reusing passwords across multiple online accounts

  Sharing account passwords with other people

  Not using caution when providing personal info

Is it really that bad?

Sad, but true. Here are some of the more shocking stats from our survey.

Nearly 50% of Texans believe they were targeted in a phishing attack.

41% of Californians have had their identities stolen at least once. 2x the national average.

2 in 3 Alabamans believe they have provided personal information in a phishing scam.

Don’t wait until after it’s
too late.

Of people whose identities have been stolen, 78% made changes to improve their security online. It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but it’s even better to be ahead of the game.

Be proactive. Here are 5 easy things you can do to dramatically improve your cyber-risk score.

  Protect your devices with antivirus and a VPN.

  Keep your antivirus software & other apps up to date.

  Use a secure backup program.

  Create strong, unique passwords (don’t share them.)

  Be extra cautious and use common sense.


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