Webroot brand guidelines

When referencing the Webroot brand, please use the logos and follow the guidelines below.

Webroot hereby grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the Webroot trademarks (the “Marks”) in order to refer to Webroot or its products. By downloading and using the Marks you agree to use the Marks in accordance with all applicable laws and any applicable agreement between you and Webroot Inc. or its affiliates. Further, you agree not to modify the Marks or use the Marks in a way that could disparage Webroot or its products or wrongfully imply an endorsement by Webroot or relationship with Webroot. Webroot expressly reserves the right to revoke or modify this license at any time in Webroot’s sole and absolute discretion.

Webroot Logo
Wordmark Logo

This is the primary logo for all corporate materials, both print and digital, and should always be accompanied by the registered trademark symbol.

Webroot Logo
Positive Version

To be used in black on a light background.

Webroot Logo
Inverse Version

Knocked out in white. Only to be used in white when on a dark background.

Incorrect logo usage

These examples demonstrate some of the possible improper uses of the Webroot logo. The proper color and configuration of the logo is essential for a consistent brand across a wide variety of media.

Do not use the logo over a photo or a distracting background

Do not alter the logo color or place on a color background other than white (#fff), black (#000), or light gray(#f1f1f1).

Do not place the logo inside a box or other shape. Do not add effects like shadows or glows to the logo.

Do not rotate, skew, transform, warp, extrude, or add perspective effects to the logo.