Webroot™  Email Continuity

Ensure email access even when infrastructure is down

  • Ensure email access, even during outages

  • Keep employees productive while providing a positive user experience

  • Purpose built for MSPs and SMBs

What is Email Continuity?

Email continuity ensures access to email, even when infrastructure is down. With our need for constant email communications from any device, anytime and anywhere, it’s imperative that we can still access email even if disaster strikes.

email message check iconEmail Continuity provides failsafe protection for your email and ensures access, even during an outage. It also spools all inbound messages at the spam filter until the primary mail server is back online.

Why is Email Continuity necessary?

Whether your infrastructure is down for 10 minutes or 10 days, your employees still need access to their email in order to keep your business moving. Access to a critical email may be the difference between winning and losing a customer.

email sent iconWebroot Email Continuity service provides up to 30 days of email access with the ability to send and receive emails during an outage.


checkmark iconEnsures organizational email accessible across all devices, despite outages

checkmark iconMaintains productivity via failsafe protection for your email service

checkmark iconProvides access to the last 30 days of inbound messages during an outage

checkmark iconPrevents embarrassing non-delivery notifications to your customers

checkmark iconAutomatically synchronizes when main email server and service is restored



mail lock icon
Works with Advanced Email Threat Protection (a prerequisite) to ensure protection from email borne threats
Mail icon
Integrates directly with Outlook (POP or IMAP)
checkmark icon
Choice of datacenter locations (U.S., U.K. or Switzerland)
dashboard icon
Auto provisioning via the central portal




For MSPs:
Email Continuity
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For SMBs:
Email Continuity
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