Cloudera Announces Open Network Insight and Open Data Model to Accelerate Apache Hadoop-Based Advanced Analytics Solutions in the Cybersecurity Community

Growing portfolio of cybersecurity ISVs and GSIs choose Cloudera’s enterprise data hub to deliver advanced cybersecurity analytics solutions

PALO ALTO, CA. - February 29, 2016

Cloudera, provider of the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, today announced the availability of Open Network Insight (ONI) in partnership with four leading cybersecurity vendors.

The Open Network Insight (ONI) v1.0 project is an open source, community-developed network data model that delivers visibility into security threats by providing advanced threat detection using big data analytics. ONI uses machine learning as a filter for separating suspicious network traffic from benign and to characterize the unique behavior of network traffic. ONI is extensible, enabling any number of vendors to enhance the open data model and develop their own innovative applications on top of it. ONI runs on top of Cloudera’s enterprise data hub (EDH) and other open big data platforms.

“The world has never been in greater need of innovation in cybersecurity but to get started each vendor has had to reinvent the same wheel again and again,” said Tom Reilly, chief executive officer of Cloudera. “The differences in vendor data models also create silos between solutions and makes it difficult for customers to harness innovation from multiple vendors. ONI accelerates solution development and simplifies customer consumption of different vendor products.”

Mr. Reilly goes on to say, “We are very excited about ONI and today’s announcement is just the first step. Building from ONI v1.0 Cloudera’s goal is to foster development of open object models beyond network to include endpoint, and user / identity. Our cybersecurity focused partners are leveraging ONI to accelerate their delivery of advanced solutions capitalizing on a pre-built open data model coupled with the powerful compute capabilities of Cloudera’s enterprise data hub. Customers are benefiting from these common objects and can easily extend to adjacent use cases beyond cybersecurity: network operations, fraud, and user experience optimization to name just a few. A single source of data built on an open data model creates tremendous value for our customers.”

Cloudera’s many cybersecurity partners fully appreciate the benefit to the community and corporations in having a common network data model to accelerate the development, installation, and sharing of use cases to counter the most advanced cyber attacks continually occurring on every network.

Recently, E8 Security and Securonix, two industry leading cybersecurity solution providers, have entered into OEM relationships with Cloudera to leverage the power of Cloudera’s enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop to deliver advanced threat detection capabilities, secure petabytes of sensitive information, and protect against modern cyber attacks.

“By extracting actionable intelligence from evolving security data, E8 Security and Cloudera are empowering enterprise security teams to make more informed moves against hidden threats for faster resolutions,” said Matt Rodgers, Head of Product at E8 Security. “Together, we are taking a distinct approach in the way security analysts detect and protect against unknown threats at never before seen scale. It is a game changer for saving enterprises from harmful threats and keeping businesses running efficiently.”

“Independently, Cloudera and Securonix innovate best-of-breed technologies respectively in the big data and cybersecurity markets. Together, we are truly breaking new ground,” said Tanuj Gulati, chief technology officer of Securonix. “We’re defining what big data security analytics can do.”

Cloudera’s first OEM cybersecurity partner, CounterTack’s Tom Bain, vice president of Global Marketing said, "Cybersecurity technology has evolved from being deployed to protect and safeguard, to data-centric, analytics-driven use cases to ensure the integrity of business systems. Integrating a true big data platform into Sentinel enables CounterTack customers to leverage the powerful sensor collection capabilities at scale for consistent, rapid consumption of the richest endpoint intelligence in the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) marketplace."

Following are representative partners leveraging ONI to advance their unique cybersecurity solutions;




”Open Network Insight (ONI) is a leap forward in scalability and interoperability for security analytics. We are proud to support the platform at launch and anticipate that ONI will make it easier for cybersecurity research and operations teams to more fully leverage the contextual intelligence we bring to their investigations, and to do so seamlessly across multi-vendor solutions.”

-- Hugh Njemanze, CEO




“Cloudera provides the platform for Cloudwick to deliver to our clients a unified managed security solution with cost effective, long-term storage and analytics capabilities for endpoint, network, cloud, and user data. Cloudwick One® Open Source Adaptive Security is a managed solution that leverages Cloudera EDH and ONI to deliver comprehensive visibility into security threats by performing advanced analytics at cloud scale.”

-- Mani Chhabra, CEO




“Cybersecurity as a field is at a real turning point; sitting with vendors in the field one easily gets the feeling that they know their products aren’t where they need to be. The best projects in data science tend to embody either disruptive or thoughtful principals, ONI represents the efforts of a rare group of people who have put together both of those things and brought them to the open source community.”

-- Austin Leahy, ONI committer and eBay principle data scientist for global threat management




"When evaluating which technology platform we wanted to develop our next generation cybersecurity solution on Apache Hadoop was the obvious choice. Pairing Cloudera's Hadoop-based platform with the open source project Open Network Insight, we are able to break through traditional cybersecurity constraints and analyze unheard of volumes of information intelligently.”

-- Greg Martin, CEO and Founder




“The Open Network Insight (ONI) project is exciting innovation and very much aligned with our own view of security as an information problem, one in which more data, organized well, can be applied to provide better defenses. Our own use of Hadoop with our machine learning clusters and partnership with Cloudera, combined with Webroot’s years of endpoint-to-cloud experience will enable us to contribute essential knowledge to the data models of ONI.”

-- Dick Williams, CEO


The introduction of the ONI open source project coupled with the power of Cloudera’s enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop is changing the landscape of cybersecurity advanced analytic solutions. Cybersecurity organizations are able to deliver new use cases more rapidly, corporations are able to deploy the latest detection capabilities much more timely, and the industry of solution providers and consumers is able to collaborate more effectively.


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