The Webroot Connectwise

Seamlessly integrated with ConnectWise Automate® and ConnectWise Manage®, Webroot solutions help MSPs achieve hyper-efficient business management and security services delivery.


Faced with the growing number of cyberattacks on small businesses, we all know providing stronger cybersecurity for clients is a priority. But convincing your customers to pay for additional services, the cost of adding tools and resources, and not knowing where to start can make this a huge challenge. That’s where the ConnectWise and Webroot integration come in.


Webroot solutions for endpoint protection, DNS protection, and security awareness training integrate with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate to create a streamlined experience that saves you time and hassle when managing and billing cybersecurity services. Take advantage of an integration that was designed to make IT security management faster and easier than ever.

Why Webroot + ConnectWise

Webroot and ConnectWise are committed to enabling higher levels of scalability, profitability, and simplicity to help MSPs succeed. With our easy-to-use plugin and fully equipped platform, we help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, increase the value you offer your clients, and streamline your business to put time back in your day.


Our Products

All Webroot protection products for endpoints, networks, and end users are backed by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence. Learn more about our threat intelligence and security layers here.


Next steps

Start taking advantage of the benefits Webroot and ConnectWise bring. Have other questions about the ConnectWise and Webroot integration? Ask away.