The Webroot Overe Integration

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MSPs confront mounting challenges in safeguarding their customers’ SaaS applications against advanced cyber threats. The stakes are high given that 93 percent of SMBs rely on cloud-based software, averaging over 59 applications. And the average cost of a data breach is $4.2 million, with 70 percent of these breaches affecting SMBs.


Webroot™ by OpenText™ seamlessly integrates robust endpoint security, DNS protection, and user-focused security awareness training with Overe's advanced SaaS Security platform. This collaboration offers SMBs and MSPs a holistic security solution that is comprehensive and user-friendly. The partnership addresses the nuanced challenges of SaaS security with Overe's fully automated system— enhanced by AI-driven recommendations and the expertise of security researchers from OpenText.

Why Webroot + Overe

The partnership between OpenText and Overe is dedicated to offering SMBs and MSPs a unified, advanced cybersecurity solution. Merging Webroot's prowess in endpoint security and DNS protection with Overe's specialized SaaS security platform, the solution tackles the most critical digital threats, providing clients with unparalleled comprehensive security.


Our Products

All Webroot protection products for endpoints, networks, and end users are backed by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence. Learn more about our threat intelligence and security layers here.

Next steps

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