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Webroot DNS Protection

Protective filtering that combines security and privacy

  • Stop inbound malware and other DNS based attacks

  • Enforceable internet usage policies

  • Provide DoH visibility, filtering and security controls

  • Deployment options: Standalone DNS agent or with Webroot Endpoint Protection

Existing customer? Add DNS Protection to your account in seconds.

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What is DNS Protection?

DNS Protection creates a highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connection to the internet. It automatically blocks requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious internet domains, even encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests.

No Message IconThe NSA and CISA both recommend DNS filtering as it stops most internet threats before infection.

Why is DNS Protection necessary?

The current domain name system (DNS) wasn’t designed with security in mind. It simply resolves internet requests and translates them into their unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Bad actors exploit this clear text service many different ways.

Shield with checkmarkBy using a protective service like Webroot DNS Protection, organizations control their networks while maintaining the security & privacy needed to protect their users (remote and roaming) from accessing malicious sites.

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checkmark icon~75% reduction in downloaded malware

checkmark iconReduced costs for infection cleanup and support

checkmarkMaximize privacy without compromising security

checkmarkFull internet usage visibility including DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

checkmarkLeverage investment in third party EPP and EDR



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Accurate filtering of domains
(leverages BrightCloud Threat Intelligence)
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Policy by device, IP address or group
On-demand, drill-down reporting
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Expanded VPN support
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Ease of deployment and management
DLP Filters

"Our clients trust DNS Protection to keep their mobile devices secure when working remotely and appreciate the security it provides when they are connected to public Wi-Fi services. It is easy to use and adds a level of security to their networks and individual users."

- Teri McMullen, Business Operations Manager at TSpec




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Webroot DNS Protection
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