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News about threats can't wait. In our quarterly threat trends updates, we give a by-the-numbers account of Webroot's insights into the latest threat issues. Additionally, look for relevant news, industry reports, and information to help you stay ahead of modern malware.

December 2016

In This Issue: Like phish in a barrel

This quarter, we provide extensive background on the evolution of phishing and review the latest phishing statistics. We also explore machine learning, a critical technique in phishing detection, with insight from Webroot CTO Hal Lonas, and ESG analyst Jon Oltsik.

Phishing: no longer casting a wide net

Phishing remains one of the most challenging threats to identify, but attackers have changed course. The latest tactics use pinpoint precision to target specific companies and individuals, going for quality over quantity. Learn more about the dangers of phishing and which companies are the most desirable catch.

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Man + machine learning = superior threat intelligence

The volume of data to be analyzed and the speed at which threats evolve requires more than manual analysis to keep pace. Webroot CTO Hal Lonas explains why machine learning is the game changer in threat intelligence.

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Operationalizing TI by integrating into security controls

by Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG

Many organizations are building threat intelligence programs, but acting on mountains of threat data is challenging and staffing shortages compound the problem. So what’s the solution?

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Automating threat defense: using machine learning to prevent modern cyberattacks

“Machine learning” may be a frequently used term, but the techniques vary wildly. Arm yourself with accurate information for the next conversation on the subject.

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