Quarterly Threat Trends

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News about threats can't wait. In our quarterly threat trends updates, we give a by-the-numbers account of Webroot's insights into the latest threat issues. Additionally, you’ll learn about relevant news, industry reports, and information to help you stay ahead of modern malware.

December 2017

In This Issue: Prediction and Analytics for Threat Intelligence: A Crystal Ball for Cybercrime

When it comes to security, the industry often focuses their efforts on reactive analysis. But why react to cyber threats when you can predict them? This quarter, we talk about our predictions for upcoming security events and how you can get ahead of them. Plus, a recent survey will provide pertinent insights into why security professionals want and need artificial intelligence to be more “predictive”, and a quick video will demonstrate Webroot’s own Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service, which utilizes “baked in” predictive analysis to help you protect your customer base.

How Machine Learning and Contextual Analysis Aid in Predictive Threat Intelligence

Uncover a security threat, react, repeat. In the everyday fight against cybercrime, wouldn’t you rather predict than react? Machine-learning based predictive threat intelligence might just be the crystal ball you need to protect your customers from future cyber threats.

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Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

'Tis the season... for industry analysts to share their cyber threat predictions for the coming year. What does our team of Webroot security experts have to say? Learn more in our latest blog on Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018.

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Threat Intelligence in Action

Our latest collaboration with Wakefield Research surveyed 400 cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. and Japan, and found that roughly 70% believe their companies will not be able to properly safeguard their digital assets without artificial intelligence. Read the complete report to find out how industry peers view the importance of threat intelligence.

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Using Predictive Analysis to Stop Phishing Attacks in Real-Time

Predictive analysis is essential to helping prevent security breaches and data losses. Webroot BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service leverages advanced machine learning and content classification to automate the detection of phishing sites. Webroot’s advanced approach detects phishing sites quicker than the competition. Learn more in this video.

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