Updated Webroot® Security Awareness Training offers exclusive, industry-first features. With small businesses and managed service providers in mind, our new dashboard reduces the time, effort, and overall cost of deployment.

Global Training Management

Easy, efficient, and effective education deployment
for eliminating security gaps.

WSAT Stats 2019
That's a 70% decrease.

When training is combined with phishing email campaigns, clicks on phishing emails drops by half when 11 or more campaigns are sent to the same audience.

Security Awareness Training
proves its worth

An important ingredient in stopping the relentless onslaught of phishing attacks is security awareness training. Webroot® Security Awareness Training combines training and phishing simulations to mimic prevalent threats. The key to achieving dramatic results lies in the consistency and pace at which training is provided. Monthly training yields the best results, as phishers change their techniques and hooks to frequently for annual or semi-annual training to make an impact.

Action-driven security awareness training
with enhanced visibility and reporting

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