Webroot BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence

Up-to-the-minute intelligence on cloud services for CASBs and other
technology providers

Identify and manage interactions with cloud services and associated applications.

Webroot BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence enables Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) and other technology vendors to prevent unsafe, unsanctioned, unwanted or noncompliant usage of cloud services and applications, i.e. shadow IT by enforcing data-centric security policies.

  • Gain visibility into which cloud applications are being used
  • Better understand how a specific application is being used
  • Gain insight into the service or application’s reputation to manage access, compliance and risk

Why Webroot?

When you consider today’s threat statistics, and then factor in the number of cloud applications and services enterprises use (over 2000, on average, per Netskope), it’s no wonder that many organizations are turning to CASBs to improve visibility into the cloud applications being used, and to create usage policies and address security risks.

To better enable CASBs and security device vendors to identify and categorize cloud applications, we’ve developed Webroot BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence. This service is designed to offer full visibility, ensure security, enforce compliance, and identify shadow IT through 3 components:

Cloud Application Classification
Each URL associated with a cloud application is assigned a related category.

Cloud Application

Each URL accessed in the operation of specific function within a cloud application will be categorized by that function.

Cloud Application

Each cloud application’s organization will be assigned a heuristic-based reputation score ranging from 0-100, which represents the reputation of the organization using criteria.

By embedding these components into a CASB solution or other security device, partners can identify a given cloud application, classify it by purpose, and control access to it based on the application’s group, name, and the action being performed. Additionally, customers can assess risk and compliance for all cloud applications with the reputation score. Cloud Service Intelligence can also be layered with other BrightCloud services, such as Web Classification and Web Reputation, for a complete filtering solution that won’t impact product or network bandwidth.


of web-borne malware and 15% of phishing attacks are delivered over cloud applications.

— Netskope Cloud and Threat
     Report, August 2020




Webroot BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence
Managing Security, Visibility and Access Control with Cloud Applications
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BrightCloud URL/IP lookup

Get a complete threat, content, and reputation analysis for a URL or IP address.

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