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The Global Site Manager is designed for service providers with complex, multi-site, multi-administered deployments.

  • Fully cloud-based management with no on-site infrastructure
  • Granular administration controls, policies and permissions
  • Real-time infection remediation, alerting and reporting
  • Minimal system performance impact, no daily signature updates
  • Advanced protection that deploys and scans in seconds
  • Flexible billing with annual and monthly subscriptions

If you're interested in a free trial of SecureAnywhere DNS Protection or Security Awareness Training, please note that these services are currently only available to existing Global Site Manager users.

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Your trial includes access to the Webroot Global Site Manager console. This online console is where you will manage your endpoints. To create your account:

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2. Check for a second email with the subject line: Webroot Global Site Manager Account Instructions (Note: This message will arrive after the first).This email will contain a registration link as well as a first-use password.

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