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Cyber resilience means uninterrupted access to your data. Ready when you are. Wherever you are.

That means ransomware attacks don’t take days or even weeks to remediate. Be back in business in not time with a cyber resilience lineup.

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Ransomware 2021
Chapter 1: How Ransomware Sneaks In

In our opening episode, we learn how many businesses and individuals believe they’re too small or insignificant to catch the eye of ransomware actors. And why that’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the targeting process.

Ransomware 2021
Chapter 2: The Rise of Ransomware

In Episode 2, our experts chart the rise of ransomware from offers to “help” individuals clean up their computers to multi-billion-dollar worldwide racket. They examine the advances in internet technology that made it possible and the specific security lapses that lead to individual victims being compromised.

Ransomware 2021
Chapter 3: Resilience Against Ransomware

Episode 3 asks if there’s any defense against ransomware’s rampaging success. While there may be no single point of entry for defending against all attacks, in the final episode of the series we lay out how a suite of cyber resilience solutions can even the odds if (when) a security layer is penetrated by ransomware actors.

IDG Report: Phishing Attacks Are Up, And Few Are Spared

Criminals were quick to target COVID-19 in their phishing schemes at the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, phishing attacks spiked by 510% from just January – February 2020. As we entered year 2 of living with COVID, IDG and Carbonite + Webroot spoke with 300 global IT professionals and published our findings in a white paper.

We found that 76% of global IT executives report that phishing is still up compared to 2019. And another 93% of these same executives remain concerned about phishing.

In their eBook, IDG reviews the best defenses against phishing and settles on recommending a multi-layered approach. Learn how this defense can help you and your business stay safe.

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Protecting against ransomware requires covering all your bases: frontline defenses and end-to-end, immutable backups.

The solution that’s right for your business depends on its unique circumstances, which is why we offer customizable cyber resilience solutions including: