Social Engineering

The #1 cause of breaches

Social engineering is the latest tactic used to wreak havoc on our personal and business lives. Cybercriminals pose as our friends, colleagues or even family to trick us into handing over personal information. And it works – in fact, it’s now the #1 cause of cybersecurity breaches.

But it’s not all bad news. There are strategies that can protect you and your business and fight back against social engineering.

Webroot Social Engineering Infographic

Is your security engineered to beat social engineering?

Hybrid work presents new vulnerabilities and new opportunities for cybercriminals and social engineering has moved in to take advantage of our new way of working.

Learn how to spot social engineering and stop it in its tracks.

Why It’s Critical for Businesses to Implement a Cyber Resilience Framework

IDC searched for the best defense against cyberattacks like social engineering. Their findings? A 6-step framework for cyber resilience that helps increase your cybersecurity posture and reduce the impact of a breach.

2022 Threat Report
Webroot IDG Report

IDG Report: Phishing Attacks Are Up, and Few Are Spared

IDG and Carbonite + Webroot spoke with 300 global IT executives to learn the current state of phishing attacks – one of the types of social engineering. We found that 93% of execs are concerned about phishing and that attacks remain high.

IDG then reviews different defenses against phishing and settles on the best one to keep you and your business safe.

How to beat social engineering when you partner with Carbonite + Webroot

With social engineering the #1 cause of breaches, you aren’t the only one wondering how you can protect your business.

Even though social engineering tactics like phishing are good at getting around single layers of protection, social engineering often folds in the face of multi-tiered protection. That means that companies relying on only one layer are left vulnerable.

Your business will have solid protection when you layer solutions like Endpoint Security and Email Security together. And for the best level of defense, add on DNS Security and Security Awareness Training.

Interested in learning how Carbonite + Webroot you can help you realize cyber resilience and stop social engineering?