Webroot Website Terms of Service - What's New

What’s New: Webroot Website Terms of Service

Published on: 8/1/18

Effective Date: 9/1/18

Webroot Inc. has updated its Terms of Service (the “Terms”) and this page explains those changes. We encourage you to carefully review each of our new policies and statements.

Terms of Service

  • Our new Terms provide that we will update the Terms by (1) posting an update on the Website and (2) notifying you on the Website of the update.  By continuing to use the Website after the changes and notice have been posted, you are accepting the new terms.

How We May Use Your Information

  • Our new Terms require that all information you provide to us is correct, current, and complete and you agree that we can use any information you provide according to our Website Privacy Statement.

Security of Your Information

  • Under our new Terms, if you create an account to use or access any portion of the Website, you agree that you won’t share your account access information (including your username, password, or other security information) with any other person and you agree to notify us of any unauthorized access right away.

Webroot’s IP Rights

  • Our new Terms clarify that our services, materials, and content are protected by intellectual property laws, and you do not have any rights in or to such services, materials, and content except those provided by the Terms and any applicable end user license agreement.
  • Except for certain marketing materials, the new Terms state that none of our services, materials, or content may be reproduced or distributed without our written permission.

Your Access and Use of the Website

  • Our new Terms provide that access to our Website, or any portion of our Website, is not guaranteed at all times, and we will not be liable for any reason if you can’t access the Website.
  • Additionally, we let you know that the materials, services, content, URL names, or DNS names on our Website may change at any time without notice.
  • Under the new Terms, we can suspend or disable any account you have on the Website if we believe that you have violated any provision in the Terms.
  • Our new Terms allow you to copy, display and distribute Webroot marketing materials from the Website as long as you are using those materials only for informational, non-commercial purposes, or pursuant to your contract as a customer, vendor, or business partner of Webroot. You may not charge any fee for the materials, modify the materials, nor may you remove the copyright or other notices that appear in or on the materials. We may revoke your authorization to copy, display, and share our marketing materials at any time.

User-Submitted Content and Your Conduct

  • Our new Terms require that any content you post on the Website, including in our community, must comply with the Terms, and make it clear that you are responsible for what you post. We also state that we don’t always monitor user posts, and some posts may contain things you find offensive, but you agree that we aren’t responsible for the content of any user’s posts.
  • Under our new Terms, we clarify that by submitting content on the Website, you agree that we may use, modify, and share such content without restriction or payment.
  • We also let you know that we may remove any user-generated content from the Websites at any time or for any reason.
  • We state that we may disclose information about you to any third party who claims that your content violates their intellectual property or privacy rights, or to law enforcement authorities following any court order requesting such information.
  • We expand our restrictions on your posts, including by stating that you may not post any content on the Website that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, or that is harmful to another person and that you may not post content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of another party, contains malware, misleads other users, or for purposes of solicitation.
  • Under the new Terms, you may not collect personal data about any other users, interfere with any portion of the Website, or attempt to gain access to any information not intentionally made available on the Website.  

Personal Opinions

  • The new Terms state that any user-generated content, or any opinions of our employees on the Website, do not necessarily represent Webroot’s opinion.

Availability to Residents of Certain Areas

  • We clarify that we are not obligated to make certain products or services available in your country, even if the Website references such products or services.


  • The new Terms acknowledge that we translate the Terms into many different languages for users around the world, but the Terms state that the English version governs your use of the Website, and if any conflict arises, it will, to the extent allowed by local law, take precedence over any translated version.

General Provisions

  • The new Terms make it clear that if you download software from our Website, you agree to comply with all export laws and regulations.
  • The new Terms change the laws that govern the Terms and sets the venue for court proceedings regarding the Terms according to where you live.