Get the most out of your Microsoft partnership

By now, you’ve probably heard about Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE). Under NCE, there are changes that affect Microsoft subscription renewals. Have you considered what these changes mean for you and your business?

A strong Microsoft partner can help guide you through these changes and boost your bottom line. With AppRiver, you could enjoy:

  • Improved margins
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Simplified operating environment

With NCE, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a client-focused strategy bundle that addresses their needs and allows them to choose the best option. Migrate to NCE with AppRiver today and discover the benefits.


Technical Release

New commerce seat-based offer transactions enabled for CSP partners to prepare operational and sales readiness


General Availability

Additional capabilities added to new commerce

Start of Promotional Period

Promotions are applied to new commerce seat-based offer transactions


Ordering & Pricing Changes

Orders can no longer be placed on the legacy platform, and previously announced Modern Workplace price increases take effect


End of Promotional Period

End of the new commerce promotional discounted pricing designed to encourage migration


What's new for Partners


Greater sales agility and customer commitment

Microsoft is making 1-month, 12-month and 36-month subscriptions available to CSP partners in the new commerce experience. Monthly subscription terms wil be priced 20% higher than the monthly cost of annual or multi-year subscriptions.

Operational efficiency and cost savings

NCE makes it easier to manage subscriptions, with enhanced provisioning, pausing, automated changes at renewal, and an easier price list.

More choice for customers

The introdution of the new monthly term subscription will allow customers to cancel or reduce seats more easily, at a premium price. It will also be easier to adopt new products and add-ons separately.

New products with more options

The new Windows 365 is now available in Cloud Service Provider (CSP). There are also free trial choices with an easier conversion to being a paid customer, as well as new add-ons available only on NCE.

Offers to meet specific or changing need

For a premium, Microsoft will now offer new monthly-term subscriptions, allowing customers cancel or reduce seat counts on a monthly basis. They can also choose consumption billing for telco offers.

More value for commitment

Customers can access the best pricing on annual terms with long-term protection. They can also lock in pricing further with multi-year terms, and switch from a monthly to an annual term easily to save money.

Legacy vs. NCE

Currently NCE includes commercial offers only; government, non-profit and education offers are not yet included.

Current CSP Model

Term options
  • Annual
  • Multi-year (D365 only)
Cancellation policy
Suspension with stoppage of billing and prorated refund at any time during term.

New Commerce Experience

Term options
  • Annual
  • Multi-year (D365 plus more offer types in the future)
  • Monthly = Premium
Cancellation policy
Cancellation only within first 72 hours of term, with prorated refund.

Microsoft 365 Price Changes

In addition to launching the New Commerce Experience for CSP’s, Microsoft also announced pricing changes for some key SKU’s Microsoft 365. This pricing increase reflects the value of the solutions and the added areas of innovation around communication and collaboration, security and automation.

Pricing changes will go into effect on March 1, 2022 and will impact the following products:

Current Price
New Price
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
$6 (+20%)
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
$22 (+10%)
Office 365 E1
$10 (+25%)
Office 365 E3
$23 (+15%)
Office 365 E5
$38 (+8.57%)
Microsoft 365 E3
$36 (+12.5%)