Cost of Webroot Products

Webroot offers effective, comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for home users, businesses, MSPs and resellers, schools, nonprofit organizations, and more.

Prices listed are the official list price in USD, not including any applicable discounts or tax.

Please see individual product pages or contact our Sales team for more information on cost inquiries.

How much does Webroot cost?

For personal devices, Webroot starts at $24.99. Additional products, layers of protection, and devices covered can be added to the security package.

For businesses, Webroot starts at $150.00. Tiered pricing and discounts for multi-year licenses are also available.

The charts below provide more details on Home and Business product costs.

Webroot Pricing For Home Users

Your cost per year for Webroot home security solutions is dependent on the number of devices protected, desired features, and whether you’d like to add a VPN for added privacy.

  1 Device 3 Devices 5 Devices 10 Devices
Webroot Security for Chromebook $24.99 - - -
AntiVirus $49.99 - - -
Internet Security Plus - $69.99   -
Internet Security Complete - - $89.99 -
Internet Security Complete (Family Pack) - - - $159.99
AntiVirus for PC Gamers $39.99 - - -
WiFi Security VPN - $59.99 $79.99 -
Webroot Premium - - $129.99 -
Webroot Premium Family - - - $249.99

Amounts shown reflect annual subscription value based on 1 year MSRP. Additional discounts apply for multi-year licenses.

Webroot Pricing For Businesses

Depending on your business’ size and needs, we offer tiered pricing and discounts for multi-year licenses. Below are some examples of how our online pricing tiers and volume discounts can work. 

  5 Seats 25 Seats 50+ Seats
Business Endpoint Protection $150.00 $750.00
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DNS Protection $150.00 $750.00
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Security Awareness Training $150.00 $750.00
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Amounts shown reflect online purchasing price and annual subscription cost based on 1 year. To manage DNS Protection and Security Awareness Training, you will need at least 1 Business Endpoint Protection license.

To learn more about Webroot cost and pricing information, contact sales at 1-800-870-8102 or click here to request your free quote.

Cost For MSPs and Resellers

As part of our commitment to enabling our MSP and reseller partners to be their most profitable, we offer tiered pricing and special discounts for multi-year licenses to decrease costs and create customized cyber security plans. We also offer flexible and true-up billing options to ensure your needs are met in the most cost-effective way.

Contact our sales team at 1-800-870-8102 or click here to request your free custom quote »

Cost For Education and Nonprofit Organizations

At Webroot, we’re invested in extending cyber protection to everyone in the connected world—especially learners, educators, and those working within the not-for-profit space. In addition to pricing tiers and multi-year license discounts, we offer flexible and true-up billing to decrease Webroot subscription costs.

Contact our sales team at 1-800-870-8102 to discuss your specific security needs and find out how we can tailor your protection to best suit your budget.

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Cost For State and Government Organizations

State and government organizations can also benefit from tiered pricing and multi-year discounts.

To learn how Webroot can best serve your organization, contact our sales team at 1-800-870-8102 or request your free custom quote »