URL Filtering

What is URL Filtering?

URL filtering is a type of technology that helps businesses control their users’ and guests’ ability to access certain content on the web. If you’ve ever gotten a “block” page while surfing the internet at the office, then your company is using web filtering. For example, here's the default Webroot "block" page:


Some employers may only be concerned about blocking access to websites that are known to spread malware or steal information. Other businesses may block content they find inappropriate, such as adult websites or sites that promote violence, or content that violates compliance regulations. They may also choose block social media or video streaming sites to minimize drains on productivity and network bandwidth.

Typically, URL filtering is provided by a cybersecurity service, firewall, or router. Each of these may use a variety of threat intelligence sources to determine which websites fit into their chosen acceptable and unacceptable categories. That’s where highly reliable web reputation services are most valuable. Sources that have extensive web histories and real-time active crawling services will provide the most accurate content determinations.

To learn how Webroot URL filtering works, visit our DNS Protection product page.

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