Internet Dangers

Spyware and virus infections are two of the most common causes of serious crimes like identity theft and credit card fraud. Protect yourself better by understanding common online dangers.

Identity Theft

If your credit rating or financial information changes unexpectedly, it may be because of malware installed on your PC without your knowledge. Identity thieves can ruin your credit rating and the standing of other personal information by stealing your passwords, account numbers, and Social Security numbers online. This could be avoided with the right internet protection services. Learn how many types of identity theft can be prevented.

Online Fraud

Many online predators rely on deceiving you in order to complete their crimes. Those committing online fraud are getting much more sophisticated in impersonating legitimate businesses in order to get your information.

Credit Card Fraud

Half of all credit card fraud is conducted online, making it one of the most common internet dangers. Fraudsters routinely steal account numbers and passwords while you conduct your normal online computing. If your credit card is mysteriously charged your PC may be infected with malware. Learn more about credit card fraud and find out how to avoid this online danger.

File Loss and Data Corruption

Many things can cause accidental file loss, from computer viruses to hard drive crashes. Computer Industry Almanac estimates that 700 million PCs are in use around the world, and up to 10 percent of them crash every day.

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