This page has all the support, resources, tools, and more that you need to become an expert at using Webroot® DNS Protection to help stop threats before they hit your (or your clients') endpoints.

Getting Started with the
Webroot Management Console


This virtual tour of the Webroot management console will show you everything you need to know about managing DNS Protection.

Getting the Most out of
DNS Protection


Learn how to keep everyday internet usage from turning into a major security risk with granular, finely tuned web access policies.

Covering all your
Security Gaps


Learn how Webroot’s suite of next-generation cybersecurity solutions can help you eliminate your or your clients’ security gaps.

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Partner Certification

Webroot Partner Certification is a free, self-paced program that gives you insider expertise to successfully sell and support Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection, DNS Protection, and Security Awareness Training to your strongest business advantage.

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