Cybersecurity Layers

The Webroot® suite of next-gen business cybersecurity products are effective, efficient, and easy to use. Best of all, they work together to close the gaps in your (or your clients’) security strategy.

The Problem

Complex, multi-layered cyberattacks are the new norm. From DNS-layer threats, like cache poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks, to self-replicating ransomware that spreads to every device on the network, to phishing and social engineering attacks that trick naïve or unaware end users into handing over funds or access credentials, businesses face numerous risks. And with recent data protection laws and hefty fines resulting from breaches, preventing a single attack could make all the difference for a business’ continued survival.

The Solution

Webroot’s suite of next-generation cybersecurity solutions can help you eliminate the security gaps your business or clients face. Our integrated security portfolio covers endpoint and DNS protection , as well as phishing simulations and cybersecurity awareness training for end users. By leveraging real-time, fully cloud-based threat intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analysis, Webroot solutions combine technical and human defenses to automatically stop sophisticated, layered attacks.

Let Webroot Help

What makes Webroot different?

To stop advanced cyber threats, you need next-generation threat intelligence and processing power. That’s why we built the Webroot® Platform. As the foundation for all Webroot solutions and services, the Webroot Platform analyzes real data from real endpoints all over the world, as well as in-depth intelligence on:





IP Addresses:


File Behavior Records:


Mobile Apps:


Real-World Sensors:


Protected Endpoints:


Partner End Users:


Real-world benefits

Real-world benefits


  • DNS Protection stops up to 88% of malware before it even hits the network or endpoints
  • Endpoint Protection has a 100% malware detection rate over 24 hours
  • After 12 months of security awareness training, end users are 70% less likely to fall for a phishing attempt


  • Journaling and rollback remediation for endpoints makes reimaging machines is a thing of the past, putting time back in your day
  • Each solution only takes minutes to deploy and set up, scans are fast and automatic, and real-time updates won’t slow users down
  • Our automated, intelligent solutions impose minimal system burden, so they lower TCO

Ease of Use

  • Webroot protection runs alongside other security without software conflicts
  • Our integrated SMB- and MSP-friendly management console lets you manage all Webroot protection in a single pane of glass
  • Our integrations with leading RMM and PSA platforms mean you can use the management tools you already know and love

Real customers, real results.

"Unlike a lot of companies that try to support multiple technologies or multiple setups, we strive to follow best practices and choose the most well-designed, MSP-ready solutions that are going to protect our customers. And, in this scenario, we have identified Webroot as a great product that meets the needs of all of our customers, so we employ it across the board.”

– Jerel Howland, Director of Technical Solutions, MyTech Partners

Next steps

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