CASE STUDY: HELION SAVES $80,000 PER YEAR with webroot

"Everything about the way the Webroot solution is structured shows that they clearly studied the challenges for MSPs, and they fixed them."

– Erik Nachbahr, President, Helion Technologies

Who is Helion?

Founded in 1997 by Erik Nachbahr in his Baltimore basement, Helion Automotive Technologies has quickly grown to be
America’s largest outsourced technology provider for auto dealerships.

dealerships and body shops

endpoints under management

What were their cybersecurity challenges?

Helion had been using AVG for years, and thought there wasn’t much difference between one security product or another.

But then a vicious type of ransomware, CryptoLocker, hit.


“With AVG, CryptoLocker just got through, flat out. It got to be like a joke – but not a funny one. We had a full-time senior level guy. All he did was mess around with CryptoLocker all day. You’re talking about a $70K-a-year-plus-benefits guy whose full-time job literally became only that.”

– Erik Nachbahr, President, Helion Technologies


Let Webroot Help

What happened after Helion switched to Webroot?

50 hours per week saved

97% fewer ransomware infections

$80K per year saved

How did Webroot help them get these results?

Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection provides:

  • Proven protection against ransomware and other threats
  • Fast deployment and scans, and no bulky updates to manage
  • Journaling and rollback features mean almost no reimaging
  • Easy, streamlined management with RMM and PSA integrations


“We looked at Kaspersky and all the tech folks said, ‘This thing is really bloated. It makes the PC slower.’ With Webroot they were all just amazed: ‘Wow. The Webroot client runs fast on machines, they don’t get any viruses, and it all checks in centrally.’ There’s huge value in having your tech be bought-in and having your staff feel like it’s a product they can be proud of.”


Let Webroot Help


Helion had been averaging at least one CryptoLocker infection per day.

“We had a tech literally remediating viruses all day long."
– Erik Nachbahr

After Webroot

Helion sees less than one infection per month, and only on machines that don’t have Webroot protection. After installing it on 25K machines, Nachbahr says
Webroot found thousands of viruses on machines that had been protected with AVG before.

Webroot Virus Protection Software


“There’s real ROI here. Before Webroot, we had a tech literally remediating viruses all day long. After implementing Webroot, we saved a whole employee’s worth of time, or 50 hours a week. We’re saving 40 hours by not remediating all day and another two hours a day not messing around with rolling out agents. So there’s an $80,000 a year savings.”

– Erik Nachbahr, President, Helion Technologies


Purpose-Built for MSPs

Webroot is designed to help you grow your business. How? By keeping your clients safe and saving you time and money in the process.

Want to learn more? Start with Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection.