What Makes an Antivirus Lightweight?

In a word, the cloud. By offering fully cloud-based antivirus software, Webroot takes up less space on your devices while you still benefit from one of the largest threat databases of its kind. 

Whereas many antivirus providers download malware definitions straight to your device, another strategy involves storing them in the cloud. This makes it possible to deploy a much smaller agent that installs fast, scans fast, and still references a robust threat library without putting the storage burden on your device.

Generally, lightweight antivirus software is characterized by:

  • A small installation agent that takes up only a few megabytes of your hard drive

  • Cloud, rather than signature-based updates for seamless, automatic updates

  • Low RAM usage during virus scans for uninterrupted computing

The benefits of a fast and low-resource antivirus

What a lightweight antivirus means for you:

  • An installation time that’s measured in seconds, not minutes or hours

  • Less space used on your hard drive than with traditional antivirus software

  • Less computing power needed for scans, meaning total protection without interruption

  • Automatic updates so your software is always up to date

  • No conflicts with existing security software

Webroot’s lightweight, cloud-based antivirus solution is so quietly effective, you may forget it’s there. Rest assured, it’s working hard behind the scenes. 

Don’t confuse a “light” antivirus with a free antivirus

We make some of our most significant and sensitive transactions online. From banking and financial planning to travel and shopping, we're living on the web more and more. 

Don't trust your online security to a free service. Because often the features that do the most to keep you safe—like password management, mobile security, and identity and privacy protection—just aren't included in most free protection. And when it comes to protecting your family’s devices, you get what you pay for.

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