The Webroot Brightgauge

Together, Webroot and BrightGauge are bringing MSPs the first ever cybersecurity integration for a business intelligence platform. Now you can show cybersecurity value better than ever before.


When you manage a variety of IT products for your clients, and then have to use different remote monitoring, automation, and billing tools to handle those, it can be difficult to keep it all straight. Add to that the fact that cyber threats aren’t slowing down, and traditional endpoint security can be a hassle to manage, and you could find yourself in a managed services nightmare.


With BrightGauge, you can easily leverage all your data insights from numerous tools and determine what needs your attention, all in one easy-to-use platform. As the first cybersecurity company to integrate with a BI utility, the Webroot BrightGauge integration helps you track developments in real time and report on metrics that matter for the insights you need to make impactful business decisions.

Why Webroot + BrightGauge

Webroot and BrightGauge share a common goal: to help MSPs streamline day-to-day operations. When you don’t have to worry about traditionally time-consuming tasks like managing cybersecurity, collating data, and generating reports, you can focus more of your time and energy on revenue-generating tasks.


Our Products

All Webroot protection products for endpoints, networks, and end users are backed by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence. Learn more about our threat intelligence and security layers here.


Next steps

Start taking advantage of the benefits Webroot and BrightGauge bring. Have other questions about the BrightGauge integration? Ask away.