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Lockdown Lesson: The Stereotype

Thanks to Hollywood depictions, there are a lot of myths and stereotypes that influence what we think of as a “hacker.” In this guide, we provide an in-depth exploration of the kinds of people who turn to hacking, plus its history, myths, and realities, to help you better understand and identify your adversary.

Guest speaker Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst at Webroot, outlines the stereotypes and debunks myths we’ve all heard about hackers.

Watch this webinar to get an understanding of the different personas behind the hacker and which solutions can fend them off.

You probably know plenty of hacker stereotypes by now. Find out if your image of a hacker is accurate… or way off.

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Lockdown Lesson: The Profile

Hackers typically fall into three distinct categories: black hat, white hat, and grey hat. Each category has its own subtypes and characteristics. Read this guide to better understand why hackers hack, and how you can use this knowledge to lock down your business against cyberattacks.

Host Joe Panettieri and Webroot Security Analyst Tyler Moffitt discuss the types of hackers, motivations, and what it all means.

Watch this webinar to learn about hacker profiles and see who they target, skill level, and the defenses you need to combat them.

Despite what you may have heard, not all hackers have evil in mind. Find out about hacker subtypes and why they hack.

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Lockdown Lesson: Behind the Hoodie

Small and medium-sized businesses hold a dangerous misconception that hackers only target large organizations. The truth: there’s a lot of money to be made off of SMBs in key verticals. Read this guide to understand what makes your business attractive to hackers and how to stay safe.

Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst, examines a hacker called “the hoodie,” and explains which types of businesses the hoodie targets.

Learn why hackers hack, strategies and tools they use, and how businesses can proactively prepare for attacks in this webinar.

Many small businesses think hackers only target giant organizations. Learn just how dangerous misconceptions like these can be.

Lockdown Lessons 1-3

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The right security layers can protect you from threats on all sides. Check out Webroot Lockdown Lessons videos to discover how layered cybersecurity can benefit your business.

Lockdown Lesson: Secure Your Business First

Businesses and MSPs know cyberattacks aren’t slowing down. Read the first Lockdown Lesson, Securing Your Business First, to learn how best to protect your businesses from cyber attacks.

Guest speaker Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst at Webroot, talks with our host about why it’s crucial to secure your own business first.

Get more tips and tricks that help MSPs and SMBs protect themselves from cybercrime and security breaches with ADR.

If your business isn’t secure, your customers aren’t either. Learn how to lock down your business in this strategic webinar.

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Without strong network and security protocols, the chances you'll get breached are higher every day. Watch our Lockdown Lessons videos to learn which policies are crucial for your business' security.

Lockdown Lesson: Shoring up Your Network and Security Policies

Whether you're a small business or an MSP, good security policies need to be at the core of your business. Read our second Lockdown Lesson for simple steps to implement network safety protocols.

Guest speaker James Motz, NOC Manager at MyTech Partners MSP, outlines the importance of strong security policies.

Why do so many businesses allow unrestricted access to their network? Read this blog to learn about the principle of least privilege.

Watch this webinar to learn simple security policies that will help you close existing security gaps and secure customer trust.

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From regular patches to disabling RDP, there are lots of simple steps you can take to lock down your security strategy. Watch our Lockdown Lessons videos to see what crucial measures you may be missing.

Lockdown Lesson: Closing Security Gaps

You can do a lot for your own security just by changing some default settings and doing regular patches. Read this guide to learn basic ways to use your existing technology to your most secure advantage.

Guest speaker Shane Cooper, manager of business sales engineering at Webroot, offers key advice on closing your security gaps.

Gain insight into how criminals exploit certain files types and learn how MSPs and business owners can lock these security gaps down.

As technology advances, so does the cybersecurity threat landscape. Learn how to close security gaps in this expert webinar.

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