When features, efficacy, and ease-of-management are considered by third-party reviewers, it's clear that Webroot outstrips its competitor Sophos.

PassMark March 2019 –
Webroot vs. Eight Competitors

Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection took the first overall score when PassMark compared it to eight competitors with a score of 84, while Sophos’s endpoint solution finished last with a score of 30. From a lighter install agent to a speedier installation, Webroot bested Sophos in nearly every performance category.

G2 Crowd Review

When it comes to LinkedIn-verified user reviews, Webroot is almost unanimously preferred over Sophos, according to G2 Crowd. Pitted head to head, Webroot surpassed Sophos in every ratings category, including Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, and Ease of Admin.

Webroot vs. Sophos – Community Comparison

Want more information on how Webroot and Sophos compare for business endpoint protection? Prefer to hear it straight from your peers? Read a detailed breakdown on our Webroot Community forum.

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