Top 10 Tumblr Food Sites

Food porn at its finest with the pictures to prove it

No matter what delicacy your tummy's rumbling for, there's a Tumblr dedicated to it. And luckily these delish dishes come with sumptuous high-definition photos and recipes that tell you how to recreate the edible wonder in your own kitchen.

After a lot of digging, a lot of drooling and more than a little snacking, we've identified the top 10 Tumblr food sites. Whether you pick n’ choose in a la carte fashion or dive in buffet-style is up to you, but you're bound to come away satisfied either way.

1. Old People Writing On A Restaurant's Facebook Page

Shining examples of why you don't really want to open a restaurant, highlighted by Facebookers who “don't internet so good.” If that doesn't tickle your funny bone, check out Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. It's full of homebrewed pictures of Tom Selleck romping with waterfalls and sandwiches, all with a refreshing/horrible 1980s Glamour Shots-esque motif.

2. Anthony Bourdain

The “No Reservations” host also has a Tumblr blog filled with pictures from the front lines of the gastronomic world. Bourdain's an author too, and his lovable yet snarky eloquence shines through in lengthy musings about whatever trend or taco hits his belly.  This should be the first and last stop for hardcore foodies.

3. 1796 Foods

The photographic record of one woman's journey to eat each and every one of the 1,796 meals listed in two "1001 Foods To Eat Before You Die” books. Yeah, yeah, 1001 plus 1001 equals 2002. Congrats! You're a math pro, but Laura, the lady behind the stomach behind the Tumblr, found some duplicates. Each meal is represented by a high-quality pic and some musings. At last count, Laura had knocked back 735 of the 1,796 dishes.

4. Food On My Dog

Food can be fun, too! Just ask Andrew Small who puts food on his dog's head, then posts the pictures on this amusing top 10 Tumblr food site. Attention chimichanga fans: Andrew also takes requests.

5. EFC Cooking

Glorious, mouth-watering pictures of delicious foods you can't wait to shove in your mouth. Fortunately, clicking on a dish brings up its recipe straight from the private chef that runs the site.

6. GastroGirl

The same deal: amazing-looking food with links to each dish’s recipes. GastroGirl doesn't make the foods herself, however, and she focuses on more desserts than the previous Tumblr EFC Cooking. Satiate that sweet tooth!

7. Art in My Coffee

You can't argue about food being art when there's a foam dragon or teddy bear peering out at you from your espresso. Just remember to slap some top-notch mobile security on your tablet before heading down to Starbucks. You don't want a faked LinkedIn invite snatching control of your slate when you're showing the barista photos of your cat.

8. ScandyBars

They cut open your candy just to see what is inside! Be warned: You’ll need a sweet-treat fix within seconds of opening this blog. Scanwiches rocks the same idea, but it's updated far less frequently. It also lacks nougat.

9. Sexiest Foods

Mmmmm. Close-up pictures of all the artery-clogging foods that you love to eat but can't eat often. Sexiest Food's tagline says it all: "Not suitable for vegetarians." Add "dieters" to the list, too.

10. Food Culturalist

This top 10 Tumblr food site studies the culture of food, from micro-farming to supper-clubbing, and adds stories of food-provoked memories all centered around high-quality images of high-quality eats. Another foodie favorite.

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