Compromising Windows via Windows Update Drivers

August 24, 2015By Tyler Moffitt

  While at Blackhat 2015, I saw a very interesting presentation on compromising the Windows Update service (“WSUSpect – Compromising The Windows Enterprise Via Windows Update” – Paul Stone & Alex Chapman). The…read more

What Now After Black Hat 2015?

August 12, 2015By George Anderson

It’s good to see that at last some alternatives to traditional AV endpoint protection are gaining traction. A lot of the questions I was asked at the show were to compare Webroot to…read more

Why are we using biometrics as passwords?

August 10, 2015By Cameron Palan

After seeing a great presentation on newly discovered biometrics/fingerprint vulnerabilities (“Fingerprints On Mobile Devices: Abusing And Leaking”, by Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang) at Blackhat 2015, I have to wonder why we are…read more

Recap of Black Hat 2015, Day 1

August 5, 2015By Richard Melick

This is hacker week. Well, not really that officially, but with Black Hat USA and DefCon happening in Vegas, the biggest collection of black and white hat hackers have come together with experts…read more