Secure your computer with our award-winning Windows® antivirus software

Avoiding malware and other internet-borne threats shouldn't come at the cost of time-consuming updates and scans that take forever. Webroot offers internet security that works, without sacrificing the performance of your Windows-run device.

Find the virus protection that's right
for your operating system

SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

PC / Mac

  • Lightning-fast scans with no interruption
  • Protect yourself from identity theft
  • No time-consuming updates
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SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus

PC, Mac, Tablets or Smartphones

  • All the features of AntiVirus AND:
  • Secures your smartphones and tablets
  • Protects your logins and passwords
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SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete

PC, Mac, Tablets or Smartphones +25GB Storage

  • All the features of Internet Security Plus AND:
  • Eliminates traces of online activity
  • 25GB of secure online storage
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Help me choose the best security for Windows

Compare all of our products to find the best protection for you and all your Windows-run devices at a price to fit any budget.

Whether you're running Windows Vista, Windows 8 or
Windows 10, Webroot will protect your PC

Identity theft protection

Banking, shopping and booking travel are a few of the many activities we engage in online that have the potential to expose sensitive information. Protect your usernames, account numbers, and other personal information from spyware, keyloggers, and other online threats.

Real-time Anti-phishing

According to the FBI, phishing scams cost American businesses $500 million per year*, and data from Webroot suggests an average of just under 1.5 million new phishing sites are created each month. Block those behind fake support accounts, spambot comments, and phony emails from getting ahold of your personal information.

* "The 5 Billion Dollar Scam." (April 2018)

Lightning fast scans

Windows shouldn't have to wait on Webroot. Our scans take about 20 seconds. That's up to 60x faster than competing products. Fast scans mean no interruptions, so you and your device won't be slowed down. Plus, cloud-based updates mean your internet security software is always up to date and on guard against the latest threats, without the wait.

Small storage space

Webroot doesn't take up much space. Compared to the average antivirus software, which takes up 516MB of space, Webroot takes up only 15MB. That fraction of the storage space required by other solutions means you'll have more space left for music, documents, photos, movies and more of what you need.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We take the charge of protecting you online seriously. We recognize that important information like credit cards and other personal data is at stake. That's why we guarantee the real-time protection you deserve with a 70-day, money-back guarantee.

US-based company

Webroot's customer service is award-winning and 100% in-house, offering industry-leading support and product assistance. Support is Colorado-based and adheres to a "follow-the-sun" approach with offices spanning the globe from east to west, so there's someone there to assist you at any time, day or night.

Don't rely on Microsoft's built-in security to protect your computer

Are you relying on built-in protection to keep your devices safe from malware and other viruses? It may not be enough. In an independent, third-party study, Webroot blocked 100% of real financial malware samples it was exposed to, while Microsoft Security Essentials 2015®​​​​​ blocked only 82%.

Webroot Customer Reviews

System requirements

Windows® 7 32- and 64-bit (all Editions), Windows 7 SP1 32- and 64-bit (all Editions)

Windows 8 32- and 64-bit

Windows 8.1 32- and 64-bit

Windows 10 32- and 64-bit

Windows 11 64-bit

macOS 12 (Monterey®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

macOS 13 (Ventura®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

macOS 14 (Sonoma®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

For more information click here.

Intel® Pentium®/Celeron® family, or AMD®K6/Athlon™/Duron™ family, or other compatible processor

128 MB RAM (minimum)

10 MB Hard Disk Space

Internet access

Google Chrome® 11 and newer

Internet Explorer® version 11 and newer (Windows XP IE8)

Microsoft Edge® (partial support)

Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.6 and newer

Safari 5 and newer

Opera 11 and newer