The Webroot Blackpoint

The Webroot integration with Blackpoint Cyber combines unique, real-time telemetry from Webroot® protection with Blackpoint’s MDR services to provide the reliable attack prevention MSPs need to keep clients secure.


Whether cybercriminals are targeting you, your clients, or both as a means to get from one to the other, the stakes in today’s threat landscape are high. Older IT security models just aren’t strong enough. Especially for MSPs, having powerful, automated solutions and supplemental assistance to proactively stop attacks is becoming crucial to keep clients safe.


By incorporating live Webroot data into the Blackpoint Cyber console, this integration provides superior protection and instant context, while accurately highlighting the threat situation. With unique layers of contextual, actionable threat information, MSPs and their clients benefit from highly reliable, holistic attack prevention and mitigation. We work to alleviate IT security burdens, empowering your teams to become more effective and efficient, while your clients become their most secure.

Why Webroot + Blackpoint

At Blackpoint Cyber and Webroot, we believe all businesses should be able to benefit from enterprise grade threat intelligence, no matter their size. That’s why we’ve combined forces to build a strong MDR integration to enable MSPs and their clients to achieve a stronger cyber resilience posture.


Our Products

All Webroot protection products for endpoints, networks, and end users are backed by the world’s most powerful threat intelligence. Learn more about our threat intelligence and security layers here.


Next steps

Start taking advantage of the benefits Webroot and Blackpoint Cyber bring. Have other questions? Ask away.